Spring 2011 Health & Wealth Raffle winners

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Spring 2011 Health & Wealth Raffle winners

Residents from across Arizona received calls from Kathy Rice, executive director of the Health & Wealth Raffle, saying they had won big prizes in the Spring 2011 Health & Wealth Raffle last week.

When Rice reached grand prize winner, Scottsdale resident Ernie Urquhart, he was in San Francisco on a business trip. Upon learning the news that he had won a luxury T.W. Lewis home package plus a 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe, or the car plus $600,000 in cash, he said that he was “literally laughing out loud in total disbelief on the streets of San Francisco!”

As thrilled as he was about winning such an amazing prize, the prizes were not what motivated him to enter.

“I honestly had no expectation of winning, and certainly not at this level, and am still reeling with surprise and laughter at my good fortune of being a totally surprised winner,” Urquhart said. “For me, purchasing a Raffle ticket was consistent with my overall strategy of philanthropic giving to organizations like St. Joseph’s Hospital that make a significant service contribution in the community that I live.”

For Kathy Rice, executive director of the Raffle, Urguhart’s reason for buying a Raffle ticket is one she hears often.

“The day of the final draw is one of my favorite days of the year, because I get to personally call more than 25 people and tell them that they have won huge prizes,” said Kathy Rice, executive director of the Raffle. “Almost every single winner tells me that they enter the Raffle because of the fact that it supports St. Joseph’s and Barrow, but of course they also say, ‘Man, is it fun to win!!’”

The Health & Wealth Raffle provides Arizonans with the chance to support St. Joseph’s Hospital and Barrow Neurological Institute, and in return, brings joy to many Arizonan residents, awarding them extraordinary prizes.

Other big winners from the Spring 2011 Raffle include:

  • Grand Prize #2 winner, David Gent of Tucson, won a 2011 Porsche Panamera plus $65,000 or a cash option of $150,000. When Gent saw a 602 area code on his home caller ID, he thought it might be a sales call, until he remembered the Raffle drawing. “Something nagged me to answer, and sure enough, it was Kathy!” he said. “It was definitely the biggest win I’ve ever had in my life. This is very, very exciting.”
  • Joni Curtis, of Casa Grande, won a 2011 Turbo Hyundai Sonata plus $8,000 cash. “My daughter is severely disabled, and is a patient at the hospital, so I always find a way to pull together money to enter the Raffle, since I am so passionate about the cause.”
  • Edward Brunelle, of Mesa, won a 2011 BMW 128cic Convertible plus $12,000 cash. “I have entered the Raffle since it started, and have won five times! Though I enter the Raffle to raise money for the hospital, the prospect of winning such great prizes is great too.”
  • Roman Johnson, of Sun City, won a 2011 Mercedes-Benz c300 Sport Sedan Plus $12,000 cash. This was his first time buying a Raffle ticket, and he was so thrilled to win. “I’m not going to tell anyone I won – I’m just going to show up in my new car!”
  • James Entenman, of Mesa, won a 2011 Chevrolet Corvette Plus $16,000 cash.
  • Veronica Lindo, of Scottsdale, won a 2011 Audi Q5 SUV plus $14,000 cash.

In all, more than 4,600 prizes were awarded in the Spring 2011 Health & Wealth Raffle. For a complete list of prize winners, visit www.HealthWealthRaffle.org. To date, the Health & Wealth Raffle has raised more than $50 million and funded 300 projects at St. Joseph’s and Barrow.


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