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Ways to give

Donations, both large and small, enable the foundation to provide cutting-edge technology, build and support health education and community outreach programs, and support those who cannot afford the costs of health care.

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Gifts of cash

This is the easiest and most convenient way to support the hospital. Use a credit card online at or make your checks payable to St. Joseph’s Foundation, 124 West Thomas Road, Suite 250, Phoenix, AZ 85013. Make an Online Gift.

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Tribute and memorial gifts

Would you like to honor the memory of a cherished family member, friend, coworker or caregiver? Learn more about tribute and memorial gifts at Learn more about Memorials & Tributes!


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Stocks and bonds

Gifts of marketable securities can offer donors significant tax advantages. In most cases, the full market value of the security can be deducted as a charitable contribution.


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Leave a legacy  

Planned giving is a versatile way to leave a family legacy at St. Joseph’s or show gratitude and appreciation for a special doctor or department where a loved one received personalized care. Gifts made through beneficiary designation can include a will or trust, retirement plans, appreciated securities, life insurance and personal property (such as real estate).

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Gifts-in-kind are donated services or items of value to St. Joseph's, including personal protective equipment. For example, many individuals and organizations donate auction items or services such as printing and design for our St. Joseph’s Signature Event.

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Hosting an event

An event can be a rewarding way to raise money for an area of the hospital most meaningful to you and your family, or you can participate in already-existing hospital fundraisers to show your support. Visit to stay up to date on fundraising events and to learn how to host one of your own.

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