Annual Impact Report 2017

The Rewards of Humankindness

Your donation epitomizes the “gift that keeps on giving,” ensuring quality medical care is just around the corner from our loved ones, our family members, friends and neighbors, whenever any of us may need it.
Your donation also reassures that same standard of care will be available in the future through support of medical education at St. Joseph’s, where young doctors and nurses are receiving training they need to be leaders of healthcare tomorrow. Plus, we can share a sense of pride knowing our fundraising diligence is accelerating research to root out causes and cures for devastating diseases, as well as better forms of treatment to end suffering and restore quality of life to thousands of patients every year.



cover of SJF impact report 2017

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You are an integral part of a remarkable story.

Each and every gift, from the smallest to the largest, demonstrates a self less love of others and a belief in people who care through medical progress. When combined, these contributions enabled us to reach a level of giving that would have been unattainable otherwise.

Thank you for supporting our important mission of healing!