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St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center

Improving convenience and care for West Valley patients

Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Westgate Medical Center is serving one of the Valley’s fastest-growing populations and, with donor support, continues to add the programs, services and technologies needed to meet that need.

In an effort to raise the bar on conveniences for patients in the Glendale area, two years after opening its doors to the public the hospital christened a newly constructed medical office building, providing clinical space for physicians to see patients on an ongoing basis for post-operative follow-up care and routine visits. The facility is expected to attract other healthcare services to the Westgate campus, as well.

The most advanced robotics provides faster recovery and fewer complications

St. Joseph’s Westgate is also the proud owner of the most advanced da Vinci Surgical System, which was installed in one of the hospital’s four operating rooms during the summer of 2016. The robotic system is designed to facilitate complex surgeries (see “Treatment options with da Vinci”), improving the outcomes of patients while offering many of the potential benefits of minimally invasive approaches.

The da Vinci allows surgeons to operate through much smaller incisions than traditional surgery. The system’s robotic arms hold endoscopic 3D cameras and multiple surgical tools, which are guided by the surgeon throughout the procedure, offering superior visualization, dexterity and precision.

Potential benefits for patients undergoing surgery performed using da Vinci instead of traditional methods include less pain, less blood loss, shorter hospital stays and quicker recoveries to return to normal daily activities.

Enhancements and additions at St. Joseph's Westgate

  • Opening a full infusion center to provide convenience of care to patients with cancer residing in the West Valley
  • Converting several patient rooms into multi-organizational service units, enabling patients to receive varying levels of care throughout their stay without transferring to different rooms, alleviating stress on patients as well as family members
  • Establishing a partnership with West Valley Colon and Rectal Surgery Center to offer specialty procedures at Westgate
  • Launching the Center for Orthopedic Joint Health to offer musculoskeletal care—from head to toe—to everyone from adolescents to seniors

Donor support is urgently needed to meet the growing needs of the West Valley

Long-range goals for future expansion at St. Joseph’s Westgate include the development of a new wing with an additional 200 patient beds. Brucato-Day says her team also continues to explore ways to improve telehealth services at Westgate, and recently visited Dignity Health facilities in California to preview the use of technologically advanced robots used by physicians for monitoring patients more effectively in intensive care units.

Donor support is urgently needed to accelerate these and other growth initiatives, improving services for the benefit of St. Joseph’s patients in Glendale and beyond.

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