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Raffle grand prize winners selected

Phoenix residenet claims top prize of $1 million in gold

 (April, 2012) –St. Joseph’s Health & Wealth Raffle has awarded more than 4,000 dream prizes to winners of the Final Draw in the Spring 2012 Raffle. Shortly after the draw, Phoenix residents Jim and Debra Larson learned they are Arizona’s newest millionaires, winning Grand Prize #1, $1 million in gold. They haven’t decided what they will do with their winnings, but they plan to donate some of it back to Barrow Neurological Institute.

“We finally caught our breath after hearing from Kathy Rice and finding out that we had won Grand Prize #1 in this Raffle and we’re going to walk away with $1 million in gold,” said Jim Larson. “Debra and I have been buying Raffle tickets since the beginning, but we’ve never won before. In fact, Debra told me not to purchase a ticket for this Raffle, but about nine minutes before the Final Cutoff, I got online and bought a ticket without telling her. I’m glad I did, this is a great feeling.”

“I’m so glad that Jim didn’t listen to me this time and purchased a Raffle ticket before the Final Cutoff,” said Debra Larson. “We’re thrilled and thankful, and we plan to donate a portion of our winnings to Barrow. We’re passionate about supporting charitable causes, and we think it’s important that everybody knows no matter what the amount, every little bit helps. We want to encourage people to support organizations like St. Joseph’s Hospital and Barrow Neurological Institute.”

The winner of Grand Prize #2, a Florence resident who wishes to remain anonymous, was also thrilled when he learned of his winning. “When I heard Kathy on the phone, I knew it had to be a big prize,” said the winner of Grand Prize #2. “I’ve been lucky this year, and I had a hunch I’d win something. I was right.”  

Other big winners in the Spring 2012 Raffle include:

  • Colleen Duvall, a Chandler resident, won a 2012 Mini Cooper S convertible plus $10,500. Colleen has played the Raffle in the past but never won a prize. Her husband’s car is ready to be replaced, so this big win is perfect timing for the couple. “I can’t stop smiling. I had a dream last night that I won something in the Raffle, and it came true,” said Duvall. “I purchase tickets to support the hospital, but it’s exciting to know that I also have the opportunity to win a prize.”
  • Donna Knisley, a Phoenix resident, won a 2012 BMW X3 plus $12,500. Donna has been thinking about purchasing a new car, so the call from Rice couldn’t have come at a better time. Donna purchased her ticket just a few minutes before the Final Cutoff. “I never expected to win,” said Knisley. “I waited until the last minute to buy my ticket, and I’m glad I didn’t miss the deadline. I needed a new car, so this is a perfect prize for me. I’m so blessed and excited.”
  • Monica Flores, a Mesa resident, won a five-night trip to Hawaii’s Gold Coast. Flores and her nine-year-old son, who will accompany her on the trip, had just finished researching trips to Hawaii when they heard the exciting news from Rice. “This made my day!” said Flores. “My kids go to private Catholic schools and there’s not very much money left over for me to take vacations or do things for myself. I’m looking forward to relaxing on the beach.”

All proceeds from Raffle ticket sales benefit patient care, medical education and research at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and Barrow Neurological Institute. The golden theme of this Raffle celebrates Barrow Neurological Institute’s Golden Anniversary. Since the Raffle’s inception 10 years ago, it has raised more than $52 million for St. Joseph’s and Barrow. For a complete list of winners, please visit www.HealthWealthRaffle.org.


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