Major Donors of St. Joseph's Foundation 

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center has a rich 120-plus year history with benefactors at its core.

It was through generous donations that the Sisters of Mercy opened the first St. Joseph’s in a small cottage on Polk Street in1895 and built their first facility nearby later that year. A community-wide fundraising campaign—the largest in Arizona at that time—led to the opening of St. Joseph’s at its current location on Thomas Road in 1953.

Today, our benefactors touch so many areas of St. Joseph’s. They ensure that patient stays are more comfortable by providing toys to sick children and creating family-friendly rooms with the comforts of home.

They fund promising new research designed to improve patient care, and support medical education for young doctors and nurses.

They ensure that the working poor can receive care in our clinics. They help raise awareness and prevention of breast cancer through support of our breast cancer programs.

They provide a place for respite through the creation of such facilities as our beautiful healing garden and St. Joseph’s Chapel, and they honor our history through the donation of statues and icons.

On the following pages, you can read more amazing stories of our benefactors—why they chose to give and how they have supported St. Joseph’s. To learn more about how you can give, call St. Joseph’s Foundation at 602.406.3041.

The Basha Family
Traci and Kenny Brunk 
Jane and Donald Fausel 
Fry's Food Stores 
Charlene Harris 
Jana and Clifford Johnson 
Neil Klein 
Doris and John Norton 
Bob and Joann Olivas 
Judy and William Schubert 
Brenda and Kurt Warner