Pay tribute to Patty White!

   St. Joseph's President and former nurse retires after 30 years of service

Patty White

Financial support of donors like you has allowed St. Joseph’s to develop into a well-respected academic center for nurses, medical students, residents and fellows, but funding is critical to the hospital’s ongoing success, especially to support nursing education.  Your gift is requested to honor the legacy of Patty White, St. Joseph’s retiring President and CEO, who has served our hospital system for more than 30 years.

Patty White has been a leader in the Dignity Health Arizona Service Area for more than 30 years. She first served as a trained cardiovascular nurse at the bedside of patients before advancing to management positions as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Executive and Vice President of Operations at St. Joseph’s. In 2009, she became president of Chandler Regional Medical Center, where she served for three years before being named president of St. Joseph’s. Since 2012, she has led a team of 5,000 medical professionals, support staff and volunteers dedicated to providing excellent patient care and improving the quality of lives in our community.  Patty is known as a servant leader, having dedicated her career to improving the patient experience, working side-by-side with the Sisters of Mercy on their healing ministry. 

The American Nursing Association estimates that more than 1 million nurses will be needed in the workforce in 2022 to address the healthcare needs of our aging population--in addition to the nurses already in the field. At the same time, the nursing profession continues to face shortages due to the lack of affordable education, high turnover rates, nursing burnout and inequitable distribution in the workforce. 

Your support toward the newly created Patty White Nursing Education Fund can help shift the imbalance of the nursing care in our workforce. Your donation will be translated into financial assistance for student-nurses seeking to continue their education, improve their understanding of bedside care and better their performance in the workplace. 

Your donation can make the difference between someone’s desire to be a good nurse and an excellent nurse, armed with education and certifications for advancement at St. Joseph’s. Nurses currently employed at our highly rated quality care hospital are seeking to enhance their skills and advance from a LPN to RN degree, or from RN to nurse practitioner. 

Your support ensures the education received by nurses at St. Joseph's today prepares them to be the medical leaders of tomorrow. Donate now