Meet Some of Our Amazing Donors!

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center has a rich 126-plus year history with benefactors at its core.

There are countless ways to support the mission of St. Joseph's, and gifts in any amount can make a difference! Contact St. Joseph's Foundation at 602.406.1038 to learn how you can make a personalized donation that fits your philanthropic goals. We'd love to welcome you to the St. Joseph's family!

Below are stories about people in our community who have crossed paths with St. Joseph's in one way or another and became part of our donor family. If you know someone who should be featured here, please don't hestiate to pass their story on by emailing us or calling the foundation at 602.406.1038.

Erma Bombeck Arizona Women's Board

Arizona Women's Board raises money to support Arizona kidney transplant patients through its annual Authors Luncheon, an event launched in 1980 by American humorist, author and syndicated columnist Erma Bombeck, who suffered kidney disease and later succumbed to complications following a kiddney transplant. Learn more about how this organization is helping St. Joseph's expand its kidney transplant program.


Dr. Mike Peck Dr. Mark Peck

After receiving a double lung transplant procedure at Norton Thoracic Institute, Scottsdale dentist Mark Peck wants to encourage others to support efforts to provide this lifesaving care to more patients suffering endstage lung disease. Dr. Peck and his wife, Marie, are generously matching gifts dollar-to-dollar to support Norton's Lung Transplant Program.


John and Doris NortonThe Norton Family

John and Doris Norton donated the largest gift to St. Joseph's in history—$19 million in 2014—establishing the John and Doris Norton Cardiothoracic Institute, now home to one of the most prolific lung-transplant centers in the nation.



J Whittemore and his girlfriend NickiJohn Whittemore

After four decades of working as a pharmacist, John Whittemore has hung up his lab coat and entered retirement. He also chose to leave a legacy at St. Joseph's through planned giving. 



Mike O'ConnorMichael O'Connor

In addition to his role as the Associate General Manager and Chief Legal Executive for SRP, one of the nation’s largest publicly owned electric and water utilities, Michael has served as the Chairperson of the St. Joseph's Foundation since 2019.




Kathleen GrahamKathleen Graham

Kathleen Graham is a native Phoenician who has given generously to St. Joseph's Foundation through donations and service on the executive board of directors.



Dave ZowineDave Zowine

Dave Zowine is both a generous donor and member of St. Joseph's Foundation executive board of directors, who first became involved with the hospital through the Lou Grubb Friends Fore Golf Tournament.



Yvonne and Kent CrudupYvonne and Kent Crudup

Kent Crudup nearly lost his life to an incurable lung disease, but he's back to adventuring the world with his wife, Yvonne, thanks to a lung transplant at Norton Thoracic Institute. He's also giving back for the excellent care received.


Patty Pinson, donorPatty Pinson

St. Joseph’s Foundation warmly acknowledges the generosity of the late Patty Pinson, who has left a bequest to benefit nurses following in her footsteps at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. 



Sue Lindmeier and Dr. HashimiSusan Lindmeier

Susan Lindmeier’s friends and family wanted to throw her a birthday party, and though she was reluctant, she agreed to the celebration, with the condition that instead of gifts her guests make donations to St. Joseph’s. 


Bill Taylor and Sue Patterson

Bill Taylor and his wife, Sue Patterson, share a strong religious conviction that helps them weather the storms in life. But when Bill became mysteriously ill with a life-threatening condition that left him unable to breathe without medical intervention, it became harder for the couple to find a silver lining. 


Irene Quinn

At St. Joseph's, volunteer like Irene Quinn play an important part in the hospital’s healing ministry, assisting staff and providing that personal touch to patients. 


Marilyn Zipprich

Valley Realtor has called upon the patron saint of home and family many times and feels her prayers have always been heard. In return, she has pledged to donate a portion of each home's sale proceeds to St. Joseph's Foundation.