Paying tribute to a dear friend

Chambo Classic golf course photo

 When Dave "Chambo" Chamberlin lost his fight against cancer, his golfing friends wanted to honor his memory in the most meaningful way possible.

The group took up a collection to donate a granite bench on hole 7 of the neighborhood course where they all met and played regularly--Shalimar Golf Club in Tempe.

"And we also decided to organize a tournament every year around his birthday," says Kathleen Ross, below left, with fellow event organizer Heather Frautnick. 

In April, St. Joseph's Foundation gratefully accepted a gift of nearly $4,000 raised by "Chambo's" friends to support cancer care at St. Joseph's. 

"Dave was such a giver," adds Kathleen. "He was the kind of guy that would do anything for anybody. This was a meaningful way to pay tribute to such a great guy." 

3rd Chambo Classic


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