Thank you, Arizona Women's Board

Erma Bombeck and other members of the Arizona Women's Board

The Arizona Women's Board has generously supported the kidney transplant program at St. Joseph's Norton Institute since 2018. The organization's support totals $250,000 over the past five years, including the most recent grant of $50,000 to support kidney transplant care.


In the past, AWB has helped fund the addition of an outreach coordinator for the Norton program, a role that leads to increasing patient referrals, more kidney transplants and a higher number of living organ donations, all of which are critical to expanding the kidney transplant program and successfully treating the growing population of patients suffering end-stage renal disease. 


In past years, the Arizona Women's Board has supported the addition of a dietician to the kidney transplant team and helped to expand the Norton's living kidney donation program. Diet plays an important role in maintaining the health of patients before and after transplantation. The living kidney donation program aims to bridge the gap between the huge need for kidneys and the dearth of available organs. For patients in urgent need of a transplant, a living donation offers them a healthy organ in the shortest available time. In addition, patients receiving a live kidney donation tend to have healthier outcomes and better quality of life. Furthermore, if a patient has a family member or friend willing to donate a healthy kidney, but that kidney is determined not the be a correct "match" for the patient, they can participate in a donor-matching program through which their donor's healthy kidney can be swapped with another donor/patient deemed to be a good match.